The UK Swiss Fake Breitling Duograph Split-Seconds Chronograph

I am not a fake Breitling Guy. Or at least I didn’t think I was. Until recently, when I thought of a Breitling Guy, I thought of a number of very specific life choices, none of which jived with who I want to be in the world.

However, over the past number of years, CEO Georges Kern and his team have transformed the brand, bringing back its classic aviator good looks and its bona fide technical prowess in a way that has me questioning everything. This latest release, a stunning fake Breitling split-seconds chronograph with blue dial that costs less than a new Daytona, is all of this rolled into one, with a serious value proposition as the cherry on top.

Now all I need is a wrist that can accommodate a 42mm x 15.35mm Breitling Premier copy watch, and I’ll be ready for that leather bomber jacket I’m not nearly cool enough to wear.